Programming Languages

  • Python: used mainly in web development with Django as my main web framework and Cython for the extra performance
  • JavaScript: just client-side, I like to use nicer languages on the server
  • Nim: my go-to language for personal/fun projects. Would love to use it professionally.

Spoken Languages

  • Romanian (Native)
  • English (Great)
  • German (Basic)



August 2016 – Present | Cluj County, Romania

As a self-employed, reliable, and highly experienced Freelancer with expertise in web-based applications, data acquisition software, automation and testing software.

Freelance projects that I worked on:

  • RubiconSnap

    Use RubiconSnap to analyze youre trash for recyclables and savings.
    Worked with: Django, Rest-framework, Redis, AWS, Caffe

  • Several confidential ones

    Worked with: Scrapy, Rest-framework, Redis, AWS, Celery, Gevent, Visa Transaction Control


March 2014 – August 2016 | Cluj County, Romania

With Spyhce, I am part of a team of developers and designers that specializes in creating web-based applications for clients all around the world. My primary role is that of a full stack developer, working mostly in python(django) and javascript(AngularJs, Jquery).

Projects at Spyhce that I worked on:

  • Bet Informed

    The project is a statistic platform for betting enthusiasts. Users can buy widgets for several dashboards and teams with game statistics in order to make better bets. Second part of the application involved aggregating match statistics and bets odds from different betting platforms. I was the lead backend developer on the project working closely with the front end developer. The project architecture was split in two major parts, back end acting as a provider of a service and the front end being the consumer.
    Worked with: Django, All-Auth, Rest-framework, Redis, Celery, Swagger, REST

  • Moody365

    Social media application with the mission of providing it's users with a day by day snapshot of photos, interactions, activities made. Was involved in the project from the beginning, responsible(with another colleague) for back end work, front-end work, architecture.
    Worked with: Agile, Django, All-Auth, Rest-framework, Redis, AngularJs

  • 8vance

    8vance provides companies and candidates with the big picture of their individual job- and labour market. This will help them to avoid uncertainty, anticipate the future, take better and faster decisions and just be more successful. Application that puts in contact job seekers with job offers using a neural network based on personality, experiences etc. Was responsible for making a REST API for mobile version of the website, bug fixing.
    Worked with: Django, Rest-framework, Rest-auth, PostMan, Refactoring tools, Intensive Debugging

  • 8vance mobile

    Mobile version of 8vance. Build by me from the ground up using Ionic framework. Special mentions: Difficulties faced because the back end architecture wasn't build for access from third party apps, lazy loading of application resources in order to make them more configurable and increase application performance.
    Worked with: Rest-framework, Ionic, Cordova, Android SDK, Gulp, Bower

  • SmartFeedz

    Social Media Aggregator that aims to collect Social Media messages about an event or brand page, from several different sources, and present them live during an event. Pictures, videos and any kind of social media feedback will be presented in real time as people are interacting on different Social Media channels. Responsibilities: Made REST endpoints for the application, implemented caching of scrapped data in ElasticSearch to improve performance and better aggregate and display the results.
    Worked with: ElasticSearch, Kibana, Rest-framework, Haystack

  • Spyhce Website

    Responsibilities: Mentoring a 2 person internship team.
    Worked with: Django, CSS, Javascript, Django-admin

  • CqScore/BsScore

    Web application for receiving feedback from former clients.
    Worked with: Django, Google Maps APIs, PostGIS - Spatial and Geographic Objects for PostgreSQL


Technical University of Cluj-Napoca - Cluj-Napoca

2008 - 2012 - Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Babeș-Bolyai University - Cluj-Napoca

2012 - 2015 - Bachelor of Computer Science