I hate cardboad boxes

“It is better to conquer our grief than to deceive it.”- Seneca


Cardboard boxes

The laptop heats up and the fan is spinning. It's Sunday, raining, and the day is asleep.

The water is boiling and you pour yourself some tea. The computer needs cleaning and for that you need one more thing, thermal paste.

You go to the balcony and dig up a dusty old thing, you know that what you look for "lives" there, but the hardest part still remains.

You open the box and all of the sudden the inside starts shouting, every item yells at the same time.

I hate cardboard boxes, and everything they hide!

You take what you are looking for, and that is that.

But through all the noise you see things, things that you have missed, things that you forgot about.

You find the black pen, the zippo lighter, the trip you made, the birthday present you got.

I don't hate cardboard boxes, I just hate the unopened ones!

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