Say hello to my little friend!

I suck at writing, my grammar is crap, it's crap even in my native language(Romanian), I'm disorganized in my thoughts and I need a lot of attention.

So here's an idea, just start a blog, easy peasy! By writing you improve the grammar, you are force to organize, research and explain the concepts you write about, you get feedback and have to rethink some ideas, maybe even admit you were wrong.

Well no! I started a blog, three years ago, and I wrote four fucking blog posts, almost one per year, that's pathetic. It's like going four times to the gym, one time per year, and expecting results!

I plan to improve on this process, read bellow to find how!

Hello there little journal!


My first approach was to write about programming and stuff. The plan was easy, just take a subject that you care about, research, understand, write and finally build a demo/practical presentation of some sort and the job is done! The writing will be entertaining and the practical example will be something that people could learn from, maybe even build something upon it, and in the end I would learn a ton. Great, let's rinse and repeat!

The reality is that I'm lazy most of the time, research requires time and patience, understanding requires a rested, clear, sober head, writing requires inspiration and perseverance, building something requires all above.

This is where everything went downhill, it's simple, just listen: I would get excited about a subject, start gathering material, read books, blog posts and stuff, start writing a draft, improve on it, redo some stuff because now I understand the concept better, get disappointed because it's not good enough, leave it to rest for some time, try again but this time less motivated, rehash some stuff that you read in a blog post somewhere, get disappointed even harder, find all sorts of excuses for not finishing, never come back to it ever again.

I have several posts laying forgotten in the _drafts folder, one about x220 laptop, post where I get the damn thing to use only 4w on idle, another was about scraping the real estate market in Cluj and then do some data analysis and present some pretty graphs, one about downloading transaction data from your bank and find the money sink, one about profiling, another one about debugging, one about my writing setup, and finally about ledger, a powerful command-line accounting system. All these blog posts will never see the light of day, sad!

This needs to change, so I started something different, a journal.

Write about anything, write and don't stop until it's finished. Write long posts, write short posts, skip the whole writing part and just post some pretty pictures.

Publish the post with, boring, poorly written, incoherent content, but publish.

And now for the content!

The man with the plan!

Recently I broke up with my girlfriend, a wonderful relationship that lasted for five years. Since broken up people cannot live together anymore, I left the apartment where I lived for over three and a half years and moved back to my parents house in the wonderful city of Simleu-Silvaniei. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents and it's good to be home, but it's not helping, I need to get out sometimes.

So here is the plan:

I spent around 350-400 euros per month on the apartment, rent, expenses, all sorts of crap, money that since I moved back home I don't have to spend it any more, or do I?

Why not take that lump of money, buy a plane ticked to God knows where and work from there. I am a freelancer working remotely so I could still keep my day job, I would still get bored at work, but this time I could go out and explore something new, maybe even have fun! So much space for activities!

Berlin 5-12 June

I planned a trip to Berlin, I want to write about the beautiful neighborhoods, the constant smell of weed, about that time that I was drinking a beer and suddenly a love parade comes marching in, everybody drinking, having fun, that time that I saw a guy with only a dick cage and a string between his but cheeks, obviously, the dick cage that was tied by a chain to his neck. All of this happened in two days that I stayed in Berlin. Now I'm going for a whole week!

Nottingham recurring work trip

Next time I have to go to England for work, I want to change my flight back to have the chance to explore Nottingham and (should I dream?** Birmingham, the second largest city in the UK. I want to write about the delicious food, awesome pubs, people that say they speak English with you but you understand jack shit, the ones you need subtitle in movies.

Dusseldorf recurring work trip

I love Germany, but something about Dusseldorf seems strange, I don't know what and that makes Dusseldorf interesting for me. I want to practice my rusty German, I want to get drunk with their delicious beers!

Moscow somewhere in August

I found a cheap plane ticket from Budapest to Moscow for 60 euros back and forth. My plan is to get to the Hungarian capital 2-3 days earlier and visit the city. I have mixed feeling about Moscow, but it's important for me go there, more on that maybe in later posts. I started with a new way to plan my trips, it involves ledger, 4chan, Revolut and Reddit. More details will follow.

Maroc, somewhere in september

This trip is more difficult to pull, time and all that. This is where me and my brother want to sleep in the desert, Paul Muad'dib and stuff. This trip is dear to my heart but I have to research more.

Vienna - Heilung Concert 2 - 5 November

This was my first impulsive plane ticket purchase, on Facebook I saw that some friends that they are going to a Heilung concert and I said fuck it, I'm going to. I'm excited about Vienna, but I don't know, I'm more of an India kind of guy, I like to eat with my hand. The good thing is that we will rent an AirBnB apartment and hang out together.

Not the end!

Marcus Aurelius once said: "Our life is what our thoughts make of it", i'm sure that things will work out in the end!

See you space cowboy!

PS: I'm keeping my promise, I will publish this post, but articles can be edited, improved, changed. Feel free to let me know if you see some spelling mistakes, wrongdoings, something completely wrong!

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