Simple neural network written in Nim running on the web

I've made a simple neural network in Nim based on a fantastic book by Tariq Rashid. Read on if you want to hear more on the implementation and play with the demo.

To C or not to C? Let Nim answer the question!

Python. Elegant, powerful, smart, a true super hero of programming languages. But like any superhero, it must have a weakness, it's weakness is speed. Wise wizard's came up with clever ways to overcome this, some of them going as far as making python fast by not writing python at all(c extensions). While C is fast, such power should not be treated lightly! For those not eager to deal with C hiccups I say give Nim a try!.

You don't care about performance (Part 1)

My take on python profiling, definitions, motives, tools, cavesets and a hands on approach to profile a fictive car part shop.

My life in the terminal

This is where I start to speak about my development environment, while it may be useless for most of you, when I start reinstalling everything the Vlad from the future will thank me for sure. Most of the post will be about stuff in the terminal but at some point I cheat and talk about some desktop applications that I find useful. Developing in the terminal is not everyones cup of tea, but even if you are a IDE wizard you will find something that could help you make things faster, easier, more pleasant to work with.